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Amazing Hall was originally founded as a one-woman consultancy company to the healthcare business with Anne-Marie Hall Henriksen as the front figure in 2017. The leading figure remained, but the company went from being an “I” to a “We” after only a short period of time.

Today Amazing Hall is more than a consultancy as we aim to be a strategic partner to your healthcare business. As a strategic partner, we have a wish of exchanging knowledge and gaining a higher outcome together whether you are a new or established healthcare business.

 We are a passionate team who all strive to bring your ideas to life and present viable solutions for maximum benefit for you and your customers.

CEO & Founder of Amazing Hall
[email protected]
Anne-Marie founded Amazing Hall in September 2017 with the goal of taking branding and marketing to the next level on an international basis. With several strategic marketing positions in the leading pharma and medico businesses such as GN Resound, Cook Medical, GSK and Novartis, Anne-Marie has gathered over 15 years of experience within Healthcare.

Quality Management Expert
[email protected]
Kenn has been been our Go-To Quality Management Expert since 2017. He has first-hand experience at more than a dozen companies across the Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, High-Tech and Retail industries, and more than 15 years of experience within Quality Management and Quality Assurance. Kenn founded MyBlueLabel in 2012 – a SaaS Quality Management System developed for Life Science. 

Business Development Advisor
[email protected]
Maj joined Amazing Hall in 2018. She has a broad experience from various international and Nordic roles within the healthcare industry; Pharmaceuticals (OTC), Medical Devices and Medical Nutrition. With a driven mindset to pursue business opportunities, she is dedicated to your success.

Distribution & Sales Excellence
[email protected]
Kenneth joined Amazing Hall in 2019. With more than 30 years of experience in Pharma, from working with Pharmacies, Hospitals, FMCG. and Wholesalers, he creates value and makes a difference for your business by counselling on handling new solutions and navigating in the Marketplace. 

Market Intelligence & IT Architect
[email protected]
Jesper joined Amazing Hall in 2019. With 6+ years of experience within the industries Healthcare, IT and SaaS he has the perfect base to be the IT and software specialist in Amazing Hall where he manages the Market Intelligence Team and is responsible for customer on-boarding.

Marketing & Social Media Manager
[email protected]

Theresa joined Amazing Hall in 2018. She is studying her MA in International Business (Intercultural Marketing) at CBS. With a true admiration of international-focused marketing and branding she is determined to bring your visions to life.

Art Director
[email protected]
Morten joined Amazing Hall in 2018. With experience from several industries, he solves a mix of exciting tasks with an innovative mindset – his creativity has contributed to set standards for the highly vivid company that Amazing Hall is today.

Amazing Team Assistant
    Trina joined Amazing Hall in 2018. She spends some hours at Amazing Hall every week where she, as team assistant, operates a helping hand on several projects where she spreads joy and inspiration.