Amazing hall

Your Strategic Partner within Healthcare

An introduction to Amazing Hall

Amazing Hall was originally founded in 2017 as a one-woman consultancy company to the healthcare business with Anne-Marie Hall Henriksen as the front figure. The leading figure remained, but the company went from being an “I” to a “We” after only a short period of time. Today Amazing Hall is made up of a strong team that aims to be a strategic partner for your healthcare business. 

Marketing & Branding

Our goal is to deliver viable solutions whether they are strategic or creative minded. As you get to know Amazing Hall, you will quickly experience that we are extremely passionate about everything we do. Marketing and branding is the core of our business and we take on a number of different cases within MedTech and OTC

Business Development

Incorporate business development in every action you take. Our expertise in the European market will ensure that your project will become a success. The Amazing Hall team goes into a case with an entrepreneurial mindset, which means that we will always create the most cost-effective plan for your company.

years of experience in Life Science

years of experience in Marketing

years of experience in Branding